MaCDA (Mother and Children Development Aid) SOMALIA

Background information

MaCDA is an abbreviation for Mother and Children Development Aid in both South Sudan and Somalia and is also an abbreviation for Development Aid for Mothers and Children in Somalia. MaCDA exists in South Sudan, Somalia and Somalia. It started with the South Sudan programme in which there are on-going projects. MaCDA partners with some of the UN agencies to deliver humanitarian assistance to the needy.

MaCDA is a Non Governmental Organization, legally carrying registration number (OP 218/051/15- 320/10096) and mandated to operate in Kenya by The NGO Co-ordination Board Republic of Somalia and Somali land.


“We work for vulnerable members of the community and envisage a productive and peaceful Somalia societies were all citizens are well informed and become self-sustainable.”


‘’To improve the wellbeing of the vulnerable populations especially mother and children’’ through Integrated recovery and development programmes

MaCDA’s Approach

MaCDA applies the right based approach to programming aimed at meeting the basic human needs through humanitarian assistance and development work while building a sustainable transition to local institutions and communities.

MaCDA is mandated to operate in the following Counties in the Republic of Kenya and Somalia respectively: Turkana, Garissa, Kakamega, Kajiado and Nairobi. Dobley and Kismayo, South Central Somalia & Jubaland.


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Core Values

Our Core Values are as follows: Accountability: MaCDA is accountable for decision, action and resources received to support community that…


MaCDA has defined structure including Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Programme Managers, Programme Coordinators, Project Managers and Support staff. The…

Our Mandate

Development Aid for Mother and Children (MaCDA) has been Mandated by NGO Co-ordination Board to operate in Five (5) Counties…


1. Reduce under-five mortality rate, the maternal mortality ratio through focusing on safe motherhood and child survival interventions 2. To…

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